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Welcome to Magic Dove Embroidery

EmbroideryMagic Dove Embroidery is owned and operated by Magic Dove LLC specializing in custom embroidery. Our state of the art computerized embroidery equipment and professional staff allows us to create top quality designs and embroidery products. We can transfer any design or company logo onto garments or merchandise.

Mission Statement for Magic Dove Embroidery

Our mission is to provide a quality product with on time delivery at a reasonable price. Decorated apparel does not have to be expensive to look expensive.  Our staff can easily find the right product for any budget.

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History of Embroidery

Archaeologists have discovered ancient sewing tools from thousands of years ago.  It is believed that the earliest sewing tools were made from bones and animal horns used as needles. Thread was made from plant fibers and animal sinew.  Later they discovered that these fibers could be spun together to create thread.  To create colors various berries were used to dye the fibers.  Our ancestors used these bone needles to sew together skins and furs. Iron needles did not come along until the 14th century.

Embroidered BoardEmbroidery is the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread to create a design or pattern. Centuries ago embroidery was done by hand.  Each and every stitch had to be meticulously sewn to perfection into the fabric. This method was extremely time consuming and required a great deal of patience.  History reports that our ancestors decorated their robes with embroidery.  In some cultures embroidery was a sign of wealth and social status.  A famous example of embroidery is the Bayeux Tapestry (, which is recorded to be 231 feet long and traces the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  The first embroidery machines were created in the 1800s and revolutionized the sewing industry. Today with advances in computer and state of the art machine technology more complex designs are possible.  Magic Dove Embroidery is proud to be a part of the continuing history of artisans of needle and thread.

Embroidered Board 2Every successful business needs a community that fosters progress. The inspiration and creativity that comes from our community is truly magical. Florida’s Space Coast is the magical home of the world headquarters of Magic Dove LLC—the parent company of Magic Dove Embroidery.   Magic Dove Embroidery is nestled in Brevard County in historic Cocoa Village in the city of Cocoa.  The Atlantic Ocean backdrop for these magical businesses is none other than the world famous TV town of “I Dream of Jeannie”-- Cocoa Beach.  Just down the street from Cocoa Beach is Cape Canaveral, which is the home of America’s space program—NASA. John F. Kennedy Space Center is also just around the corner. The astronauts that launch from Florida’s Space Coast continue to remind us that magical dreams really do come true.  Our communities give us the strength that comes from honor and patriotism. Magic Dove is honored to be surrounded with true greatness. Nearby communities include Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Patrick Air Force Base, and Rockledge.

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