Dr. Dan The Magic Man’s First Magic Dove Blog

Magic Dove Magic Shop Cocoa Village Florida

 To my Magic Dove Family and those who are stopping in for a visit,

Welcome to the very first Magic Dove Blog ( an introduction and giveaway).  My name is Dr. Dan The Magic Man.  I am a magician in Brevard County Florida. I own Magic Dove Magic Shop located in Cocoa Village Florida (not too far from the world famous Cocoa Beach). We have a wonderful magic community here in Florida, but particularly in Brevard County our magic community is very strong. We have a very large number of professional magicians as well as aspiring youngsters who are well on their way of becoming magicians. Every Friday at 6:00pm the Society of Young Magicians #143 meets at the magic shop. We usually have over 20 children each week. The local chapter of Society of American Magicians (Cocoa Beach Magic Club: Ron Ulmer Assembly #279) sponsors the young magicians by teaching them magic tricks and mentoring. I am very proud to be one of the leaders. It makes my heart smile when I see the young magicians having fun exploring all the wonderful treasures magic has to offer. Also at the Magic Dove Magic Shop we have magic contest the second Sunday of each month at 2:00pm for $2.00 (2-2-2 which stands for 2nd Sunday, 2:00pm, $2–hence 2-2-2). :)  Each first place winner comes back to compete for the title of Magic Dove Magician of the Year. We give one magician award in the youth division and one in the adult division. Our current winner of Magician of the Year is Austin James. Our youth division winner of Magician of the Year is Quintero. The Magician of the Year competition is held here in Brevard County Florida each year on the second Sunday of December. We also have two Magic Dove Magic Summer Camps each year. The children are with us five hours a day for one week and at the end of the week, they perform for the community with the magician skills they learned during the week. Throughout the year we have famous magicians from all over the world come and perform and lecture at the magic shop.We also have famous local Brevard Florida professional magicians perform on the Magic Dove stage.  We have a nice  magic stage complete with professional sound, lighting, lasers, fog and even snow (yes, snow in Florida). :)  There is so much to say about the various activities we do here that it would take too long to list them all, but I am very pround to be part of the Brevard County Florida magic community.

I just wanted to introduce myself and explain a little about what we do here at the Magic Dove Magic Shop. I invite our customers to chime in and let me know what you think about Magic Dove Magic Shop.  Perhaps I should do a magic drawing for a pile of Dr. Dan The Magic Man dollars for those who post to this blog with a favorite memory of their experience with Magic Dove Magic Shop? Yes, that is a great idea. :) I will have a drawing at our next 2-2-2 which is May 13, 2012 ( we are not having the 2-2-2 Magic Contest in April because it is Easter) for a stack of Dr. Dan The Magic Man dollars.The “stack” will be determined by the number of legitimate Magic Dove memory postings.

Thanks for reading my very first Magic Dove Blog and thanks to the many wonderful loyal customers who have contributed to the success of Magic Dove Magic Shop. I truly appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Have a magical day!

Magically Yours, Dr. Dan The Magic Man