5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Thanks Austin. I love the banner. You did a great job. You are not only a Brevard Florida talented magician entertainer, but also a very talented magic banner builder. I like how I don’t have any wrinkles. lol You made them magically disappear with your magician skills. ;) Perhaps you should not only be awarded Magic Dove’s Magician of the Year ( which you have already earned), but also Magic Dove’s Magic Banner Builder Award? ;) I am not sure it will come with a magical trophy as your Magician of the Year Award did, because I am not sure if it is the exact same level. ;) What would the title be? Austin James Magician of the Year also awarded Magic Banner of the Year for Brevard County Florida? I really like this magic blogging idea. I know I am just rambling now, but we could really have some serious magic discussions on here. I will have to check our your Austin James Magician Blog at http://austinjamesmagic.com and see what you have going on over there too. Thanks for creating a creat magic banner for me. Magically Yours, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

    • I think a good title would be “Magician of the year Austin James Brevard Florida” Or “Banner builder expert magician Austin James” But I will settle for Best “Magician in Palm Bay” Ha ha, But for serious, The blog looks good

      • Thanks Austin James,
        This magician blogging is very cool. I am addicted already. Oh my! Best “Magician in Palm Bay” ? I think “best magician” in reference to Palm Bay Florida or any other area is subjective to someone’s opinion, so perhaps we could have a magician contest in Palm Bay Florida and then go to Melbourne Florida and work our way to all the towns in Brevard County Florida? I noticed that your post was on late Thursday after your magician gig in Cocoa Village Florida, not Palm Bay Florida, but you selected best magician in Palm Bay Florida. I think it is too late for me to think straight. I can hardly wait to see who post on my first Magic Dove Blog. Perhaps I should limit the number of posts or I will be giving away a ton of Dr. Dan The Magic Man dollars.  Have a magical day! See you over at the other Blog and look forward to reading your Magic Dove memory. Thanks, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

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