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 To my Magic Dove Family and those who are stopping in for a visit,

Welcome to the very first Magic Dove Blog ( an introduction and giveaway).  My name is Dr. Dan The Magic Man.  I am a magician in Brevard County Florida. I own Magic Dove Magic Shop located in Cocoa Village Florida (not too far from the world famous Cocoa Beach). We have a wonderful magic community here in Florida, but particularly in Brevard County our magic community is very strong. We have a very large number of professional magicians as well as aspiring youngsters who are well on their way of becoming magicians. Every Friday at 6:00pm the Society of Young Magicians #143 meets at the magic shop. We usually have over 20 children each week. The local chapter of Society of American Magicians (Cocoa Beach Magic Club: Ron Ulmer Assembly #279) sponsors the young magicians by teaching them magic tricks and mentoring. I am very proud to be one of the leaders. It makes my heart smile when I see the young magicians having fun exploring all the wonderful treasures magic has to offer. Also at the Magic Dove Magic Shop we have magic contest the second Sunday of each month at 2:00pm for $2.00 (2-2-2 which stands for 2nd Sunday, 2:00pm, $2–hence 2-2-2). :)  Each first place winner comes back to compete for the title of Magic Dove Magician of the Year. We give one magician award in the youth division and one in the adult division. Our current winner of Magician of the Year is Austin James. Our youth division winner of Magician of the Year is Quintero. The Magician of the Year competition is held here in Brevard County Florida each year on the second Sunday of December. We also have two Magic Dove Magic Summer Camps each year. The children are with us five hours a day for one week and at the end of the week, they perform for the community with the magician skills they learned during the week. Throughout the year we have famous magicians from all over the world come and perform and lecture at the magic shop.We also have famous local Brevard Florida professional magicians perform on the Magic Dove stage.  We have a nice  magic stage complete with professional sound, lighting, lasers, fog and even snow (yes, snow in Florida). :)  There is so much to say about the various activities we do here that it would take too long to list them all, but I am very pround to be part of the Brevard County Florida magic community.

I just wanted to introduce myself and explain a little about what we do here at the Magic Dove Magic Shop. I invite our customers to chime in and let me know what you think about Magic Dove Magic Shop.  Perhaps I should do a magic drawing for a pile of Dr. Dan The Magic Man dollars for those who post to this blog with a favorite memory of their experience with Magic Dove Magic Shop? Yes, that is a great idea. :) I will have a drawing at our next 2-2-2 which is May 13, 2012 ( we are not having the 2-2-2 Magic Contest in April because it is Easter) for a stack of Dr. Dan The Magic Man dollars.The “stack” will be determined by the number of legitimate Magic Dove memory postings.

Thanks for reading my very first Magic Dove Blog and thanks to the many wonderful loyal customers who have contributed to the success of Magic Dove Magic Shop. I truly appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Have a magical day!

Magically Yours, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

22 thoughts on “Dr. Dan The Magic Man’s First Magic Dove Blog

  1. My favorite memory at the magic shop would proboaly be the time madison and i were practicing the sword box and got you to watch us but instead we put patrick in the sword box and totally fooled you!! This is my favorite memory at the magic dove magic shop!:)

  2. My favorite memory of me at Magic Dove is when I got to help teach magic to the Magic Camp kids the very first year Magic Dove was open. We had several children with special needs, watching them learn magic and helping them learn magic was inspiring!

    • Hey Jessi, Yes, that first Magic Dove Summer Camp was a blast, but I do remember how tight space was back then. We certainly love our current location with full kitchen, full magic stage and most important our green room where can break up into small groups to teach magic tricks. The coolest thing is that many of the young ones at that very first magic camp are still with us today and are now the best magicians in Brevard County Florida. I am so proud of each and every young kid that has taken the time to grow into true professional magicians. Seeing these children turn into professional magcians is so inspiring to me. They inspire me in so many ways. Magically Yours, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

  3. My favorite memory of my kids at Magic Dove was earlier this year when they were both at the shop for The Saturday Fun Day and they got to perform for several groups of kids. <3 Magic Dove!!

  4. To many memories to list, so here are my most favorite memories from the Magic Dove Magic Shop for this week: Jason got transformed into Jeff McBride…….Sike!… April Fools! Ha! Ha! Oh wait……….that actually did really happen. Then, Mr. Terry and I helped Austin perfect turning an ugly little doll, into a beautiful girl (thank you Madison). Oh yeah……..and later all the Magic Dove guys mysteriously became several feet taller, lost their footing, and had to learn to walk again…..what a hoot!…and how was your week?

    • Myra,
      Oh my goodness–did all that happen in one week? Well, it helped that all the kids were out on spring break, but even in a normal week, these guys stay very busy. The Jeff McBride look alike was so funny. If anything needs pefected, you and Mr. Terry (in your spare time of course) are the ones to call. I love the new doll house routine. I am still so surprised how easily Austin Magic and the others learned the stilt walking so quickly. These young guys are not only the best magicians in Brevard County, but also the best stilt walkers too ( amoung many other magical talents). Thanks for stopping in to the first Magic Dove Blog. Check back again. Thanks, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

  5. I remember my very first visit to the Magic Dove Magic Shop…I was amazed! It was exactly what Brevard County Florida needed and everything that I had hoped for. I purchased a couple of things and this guy named, “Dr. Dan The Magic Man” and his friend “Mr. Terry” not only introduced me to magic beyond my wildest expectations but also shared with me tips and a lesson on what I had just bought. Needless to say I was hooked! I have seen the Magic Dove grow through the years and it only gets better and better! Dr. Dan and Terry have worked very hard to establish a unique magic shop that provides an exciting experience for everyone of all ages. From world famous entertainers to the young kids aspiring to be, the Magic Dove truly is a MAGICAL place. I am very thankful for the Magic Dove! Thankful for not only nurturing me along my own magical journey but also for introducing me to 2 very special people that I am proud to call friends. Thank you Dr. Dan and Mr. Terry for everything that you have done and continue to do.

    • Adrian,
      Mr. Terry, I and the entire Magic Dove family miss you very much. Brevard County Florida certainly lost one of the best magicians when you left for Nashville. Thanks for your kind comments. I too remember your first visit. You found us by using a program on your phone. I remember you explaining how you found us and I was amazed that we were showing up because at that point any GPS type program was so new to me. I also remember many subsequent LONG visits you had at the magic shop. You were and are Magic Dove’s most methodical and meticulous customer/magician. I remember the first day I let you behind the counter. It was a long day and I had shown you over one million magic tricks so I eventually invited you to come behind the counter to help yourself. This self-service approach was such a blessing because then you could read the backs of the DVDs, tricks etc…and it made your LONG visits SO MUCH more enjoyable. :) The end result was the selection of that “perfect” trick that fit your personal choice. I was so impressed that you spent so much time searching for that perfect magic trick and NEVER bought on impulse. You also were one of the rare folks that actually learned all tricks you bought. I also was very impressed with how you organized your tricks. There isn’t a week that goes by since you left a year ago, that your name doesn’t come up. You left a wonderful positive mark on performing magicians and the entire Brevard County Florida magic community. Thanks for visiting Magic Dove’s Blog. Visit again real soon. Have a magical day! Magically Yours, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

  6. I will always remember seeing the look of confidence on the kids with special needs faces as they learned how to do each magic trick and then perform the tricks in front of others. They knew something others didn’t know and the confidence and pride was shining from them.
    Magic was certainly a priceless gift for them. Thank you Dr. Dan.

    • Hi Carrie,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, children with special needs have a special place in my heart. Teaching them magic tricks is one of my favorite things to do. I too love to see the look on their faces as they boom with confidence. Thanks for stopping by the first Magic Dove Blog. Thanks, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

  7. Hello Marie,
    So glad you stopped by. Yes, the Magician of the Year is one of my favorite times of the year. I remember how Quintero almost knocked me down when he jumped up on me. I guess he was really excited to win Magic Dove’s Magician of the Year, eh? He is not only one of Brevard County Florida’s favorite magicians, but he also won second place at in South Carolina when he competed in Magic on the Beach Conference. I am still in shock that he has been invited to perform at the International Brotherhood of Magicians International Conference this year. Quintero is going to certainly outgrow Brevard County Florida because his magician’s skills are so awesome, but hopefully he will always remember his roots and come back to Brevard Florida and share his magician skills. Thanks for stopping in to the very first Magic Dove Blog. Thanks, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

  8. Haha, thanks Marie : )

    Well, I would have to say I have two favorite Magic Dove memories. The first one is the week of summer camp. I love hanging out with the kids! Magic is such a great way for them to learn and socialize and to just have fun. Not just that, it’s also the non-magic activities we do. We have balloon sword fights and dance competitions that are hilarious, but Mr. Terry wins every time. Taking the kids to the village stores is my favorite day of the week because we get to see the kids do magic by themselves. So this sums up my first of my Magic Dove memories.

    My second is our outings. I consider everyone at the magic shop to be my family and when we go out to either Redberry’s, or to a movie, or even to magic conferences. There is nothing better than having fun with the people you love. Sadly I can’t make it every night we go out, but whenever I do, it is like the best thing in the world!

    Thanks everyone for reading!

    • Quintero,
      I agree with all of your comments. I think the key thing you said is that everyone at the Magic Dove Magic Shop is like “family.” I feel the exact same way. I am not sure why Mr. Terry always wins the dance competitions. Perhaps we should recruit? Or, maybe someone could take dance lessons? Magic Dove Summer Camp is so much fun and I am glad you are part of it. Your intruction and interactions are great. Your magician skills are the best. Thanks for stopping by. See you at the magic shop. Thanks, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

  9. My favorite story was when once in the old shop, Caleb made a fire ball, and accidentally kicked it under the ice cream cooler! I was like a speeding bullet flying over there to pull that cooler away from the wall to put out the flames! It’s a good thing we don’t do all those pyrotechnics anymore. P.S. My other story was the last day we had the key to the old shop, but everything was already moved to the new shop. We used the old shop to host a party, and I did the last magic show in the old shop, AND made the first sale in the new shop that day…… Good Times!

    • Austin James, It is funny that I only heard about the magic fire ball AFTER YEARS had gone by. lol
      I am glad that it turned out ok. I am sure Caleb was scared to death at the moment. It would have not been too magicial for all that good ice cream to melt. I am glad Brevard County Florida’s quick thinking magician Austin James was there to save the day. ;) I had forgotten about you doing the party in the old shop and then making the first sale in the new shop all in the same day. That is pretty cool. If I remember correctly the magic birthday party was for Pierce? Yes, that was good times–crazy, but good. Looking back it seems like yesterday. It is amazing how the years fly by. I am so glad Brevard County Florida has welcomed and supported Magic Dove Magic Shop. Thanks for sharing your favorite magician story. Ausin James you are the best!!!! Have a great magician day. Thanks, Dr. Dan The Magic Man

  10. So many memories from Magic Dove Magic Shop it would take me years to write down. I have been with the Magic Dove family ever since they first opened their doors so many years ago in a VERY small shop. My first trick I ever bought was Pen Through Dollar and will never forget it. Throughout the years, Dr. Dan and Terry become close friends and still are. I learned so much while spending time and working at the shop that it has built me up to the performer that I am today. Between staying up till 2 in the morning moving into out second location, the dinners after work, the magic lectures, and our Saturday Funday magic shows at the old shop, or Terry baking the best fudge in the entire world, these experiences have left lasting impressions on life. I still remember Adrian pouring a mixture of coffee beans and slush powder/coffee all over the stage in a show. Not fun for him but pretty funny for us! The Magic Dove Magic Shop is for sure the best shop in Florida and possibly the nation. It is always growing and new changes for the good. And yes the fireball incident is now legacy :) No matter what, the Magic Dove will always have a place in my heart. Thank you Dr. Dan and Terry for everything you do.

    -Caleb The Conjurer

    • Hey Caleb, Yes, we have shared some really cool memories at Magic Dove Magic Shop. I remember the first time you came in the shop. I also remember the first magic class you took from me. I knew right from the start you were going to be an excellent magician. Yes, I also remember the coffee bean and slush powder mishap, but more vivid in my mind is when Adrian sprayed me with his coke from his crushed and healed routine. I think he was taking all his frustration out on me. :) Thanks for stopping by the Magic Dove Blog. Check back with us. Have a magical day. Dr. Dan The Magic Man

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