About Us

We’ll Amaze & Amuse You

Founded in 2006 as a quaint one-room magic shop in Historic Cocoa Village in the city of Cocoa, Florida, with a small collection of classic magic tricks, Magic Dove Magic Shop quickly outgrew space within the first year.

We are a full-service magic shop complete with a professional stage and weekly magic shows performed by young magicians.

Dr Dan
A small girl performing a magic trick

World’s Largest Youth Magic Club

We also host a monthly contest for adults and children, qualifying participants to enter the Florida Magician of the Year contest. Magic Dove is proud to sponsor the largest youth magic club in the world - yes, the largest. Magic Dove Society of Young Magicians assembly number Y143 has many award-winning young magicians who use their skills to share and create magical smiles. Community service is a big part of Magic Dove Magic Shop, and they are proud to use magic to make a positive difference.

Mission Statement

Magic Dove Magic Shop’s overall mission is to promote the performing art of magic as a vehicle to increase self-confidence and advance the acceptance of diversity.

Our goal is to “Unleash the Magic in You!” Whether you need a professional magic trick or simply the world’s famous whoopie cushion, we want you to be excited about your experiences with Magic Dove.
And more importantly, we want you to have the magical tools to “Unleash the Magic in You” so you, too, can share and create magical smiles with everyone you know.

Magic of Kindness Pledge

We believe in the magic of kindness and try to use our magic tricks to create smiles whenever we can.
Take the Magic Dove Magic of Kindness Pledge.

I believe in the magic of kindness. I promise to do my personal best to show kindness to everyone. I will use my magic tricks to create smiles whenever I can.

About Founder

Dr. Dan Ezell, a university professor in special education, started this magic business to provide a clean, safe place for children and adults to purchase magic tricks. He is fondly called “Dr. Dan the Magic Man” by his friends and the magic community. Dr. Dan has been performing magic for over 30 years. Dr. Dan's primary focus has always been on helping young magicians reach their full potential; therefore, preserving the future of magic by engaging and mentoring young magicians has also been the focus of Magic Dove.

Early Life

Dr. Dan’s mom recollects that when he was around three years old, he would take a stick and visibly throw it behind his back and then show his hands empty as if he made it disappear.

His first trick, one that he actually remembers, was when his magic bunny, Butterfly, would play dead when he would point a pretend pistol at his bunny and say, “bang!” Little Danny’s imagination also allowed his magic rabbit to turn into a magic dove and fly high into the sky.

As Dr. Dan grew older, he learned magic tricks from books from his local library. Though he credits most of his magic knowledge to all that he learned from books, he admits that being imaginative played a massive role in his success as well as help him get through the difficult time when he was bullied in school.

His Aides

Numerous famous magicians have been part of helping Dr. Dan with his mentoring mission by performing and lecturing at Magic Dove. These include

  • Michael Ammar
  • Jeff McBride
  • Shawn Farquhar
  • Dirk Losander
  • Ice McDonald
  • Kevin Spenser
  • Duane Laflin, and many more.

Affiliation and Membership

Dr. Dan is a member of

  • Internal Brotherhood of Magicians
  • Society of American Magicians.
  • Fellowship of Christian Magicians

Why Us

If you have ever walked into a magic shop and enjoyed a real-life magic demonstration from a real-life magician, you know the value of a real-life magic shop. A magic shop becomes part of the community and provides a place for magicians, both young and old, to hang out and learn from each other.

It is a place where the performing magician can stop by at 3:00 to buy the rope and flash paper needed for the 6:00 birthday show. It is also the place where the young aspiring magician can learn his/her first magic trick. If you have a magic shop in your community, we encourage you to visit and see all it has to offer. Our online store is for those communities that do not have a local magic shop.

We Take Great Pride in Magic

We at Magic Dove Magic Shop take great pride in offering quality magic at fair prices and always match the trick with the age and skill level of the person buying the trick. If we don’t think you can do it, we will not sell it to you. Magic Dove profoundly cares about the art of magic and will do everything it can to support it vigorously.

Boost Your Confidence

Magic Dove Magic Shop was the first store to open in the Magic Dove LLC family.
M.A.G.I.C. D.O.V.E. is an acronym, which stands for --Motivating Activities Geared to Instilling Confidence…Delivery Of Visual Excitement.

Magic is truly a motivating activity that can raise confidence.

Through the delivery of visually exciting magic, one can create many opportunities to increase self-confidence and self-worth. In addition, magic can promote extraordinary social skills and acceptance of diversity. Sound too philosophical? We at Magic Dove believe in the magic of kindness and the positive power of magic to build good character. Magic builds character.

The Beauty of Magic

We believe magic is one of the most exciting social healing programs available in our society. Magic is a medicine that heals all. Performing magic can bring people together and build diverse communities that inspire people to promote the acceptance of all. We need more kindness and acceptance and believing in the magic of kindness is the first step. An extra side benefit to our adolescence and youth is that learning and performing close-up magic will require them to interact with others in a social situation. Today many of our teens spend long hours on the computer playing games or surfing the net instead of interacting with real humans. Performing magic fosters the much-needed real human interaction of today’s youth.

Our Inspiration

Every successful business needs a community that fosters progress. The inspiration and creativity that come from our community are genuinely magical. Florida’s Space Coast is the magical home of the world headquarters of Magic Dove LLC-- the parent company of Magic Dove Magic Shop. Magic Dove Magic Shop is nestled in Brevard County in historic Cocoa Village in the city of Cocoa. The Atlantic Ocean backdrop for this magical business is none other than the world-famous TV town of “I Dream of Jeannie”—Cocoa Beach. Just down the street from Cocoa Beach in Cape Canaveral, the home of America’s space program—NASA. John F. Kennedy Space Center is also just around the corner. The astronauts that launch from Florida’s Space Coast continue to remind us that magical dreams do come true.

Those visiting from other states and countries will be happy to know that we are located less than 40 miles from Orlando, home of the world-famous Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and Orlando International Airport. So, if you visit Magic Dove Magic Shop, you will have plenty of other magical activities that will complete all of your vacation needs. Come smile with us in our genuinely magical corner of the world and “Unleash the Magic in You.”